Monday, September 19, 2011

Scenes from New York, so far.
 Every day has been an inspiration injection- we've eaten so much good food, gotten to know the transit system & experience the rhythm of life here, & ventured thru the many diverse pockets of this city.
But it's not over yet. Can't wait to see what these next few days hold.
(Just to note, I've NEVER seen anyone receive so many beard compliments as Hal Griffin on this trip. I can't help but be proud.)  


Anonymous said...

My first thought was Wow! Thats an impressive beard!! haha! I love love love all the pictures. The colorful triangles are amaazing! i can see that print on a remnant bag :D

Anonymous said...

jen! it looks like you're having a fantastic time! the beard compliments are too funny!! xoxo midge! said...

Soooo jealous!!!! Def. a 'work' trip in our future. Did you buy those chairs for me? Cause I really dig em!

Anonymous said...

The NYC pic's look great Jen!