Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More scenes from our time in New York City. 
We've done lots more exploring & met some incredibly kind people along the way. Today we ventured into the garment/fashion district of the city, and oh my goodness, I couldn't believe my eyes- more leather & fabric than I have ever seen before at one time, ever. I did find a very special piece of leather that HAD to come home with me (I'd have lost sleep if it hadn't). It's actually vintage printed leather- I can't resist a good navajo/geometric pattern.
Our last nite here was spent sharing a meal here with friends. 
And dessert here.
Tomorrow, we explore a little more before heading home 
(this also means squeezing in a couple more must have meals).
God's so good to us & it's very evident that He's been in every single detail of this adventure- accommodations, everyday conversations, & everything in between.
We're so very grateful.


Anonymous said...

Your trip seems like a fairy tale!! and the food looks SCRUMPTIOUS! That stack of leopard/cheetah print made me absolutely SWOON!

Britt said...

i love everything about this! and i love you! said...

That's it! No more talking bout it... A inspiraition seeking work trip is in order! u in? -A