Monday, December 17, 2012

A KIN Campaign Update
We have been completely amazed & filled with gratitude by so much overwhelming love & support. 
We're so excited to share that we have now sold 135 KIN bracelets. Just as important as the fundraising, this number is representative of beautiful connections being made, & stories being intertwined. 
Thru this campaign that God has orchestrated, it has been such a gift to hear of so many lives that have been impacted by adoption. 
It never gets old, how God uses the stories of our lives to encourage one another, & to always point us back to Jesus. 
Yesterday was incredibly special as we had another opportunity to share our bracelets & chat with even more of our church family.
Little did we know that on top of all of this, that yesterday we would be given an anonymous donation that leaves us speechless.
Along with this donation came the most incredible letter that will always remind me of many things... that how we treat others matters,that you never know how the smallest act of kindness can impact another person, & that God is so faithful.

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