Saturday, January 28, 2012

Junk Store Loot & Some Arts & Crafts
This Saturday is arts & crafts day at the Griffin house. This warm weather is perfect for anything & everything outside. 
On a trip to the countryside with friends, we found some beautiful old things. 
We're in the process of turning the clock into something special. The little old brass ship bookends got laquered with white paint & will be going in a very special little nursery. The mounted antlers are from the 50's...they too are getting painted & are almost complete! And finally, no day like this is complete without a little gardening. A sweet friend brought me all sorts of baby plants this week. Finally had a chance to give them a proper home, & even painted some old terracotta pots in the process. 
Sometimes, simply using what you have, can be one of the most creative & rewarding things you can do. 
Happy Saturdays!

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