Monday, August 29, 2011

There are few words that could really capture this past week. I'm not great with words, which is why I love telling photo stories. But this past week needs words, so I'll try.  Let me begin by saying how incredibly special Sunday evening was. The love of my life & most incredible man I know, Hal Griffin, was ordained as a pastor... in the company of our church family who we hold near & dear.  It's such an honor & last evening will always be etched into my memory. Our family traveled far to celebrate with us...and little did we know that the days leading up to Sunday would be as interesting as they were. From cars breaking down (multiple times) to a hurricane named Irene (and many details in between)...we had some hurdles. But we made it thru & just like any challenge you overcome, I'm pretty sure we're better for it - full of gratitude, for so many reasons.

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