Monday, March 21, 2011

Pho For The Ride Home
This is my favorite meal of all time.
It's in my genes. 
Luckily, we remembered a little hole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant in St Simon's. 
So, on the way out, we needed sustenance of course. 
The owner remembered us from two years ago.
{I'm pretty certain it's because we eat this meal with so much passion & intensity.}
All in all 'twas a beautiful weekend.  A gorgeous live oak was named in honor of a wonderful grandmother. We got to smother our nieces & nephews with affection. And sweetest of all, we were able to celebrate seven years of wedded bliss in the actual place we said our i do's.
The details in life, & how God's all about them, make me smile. 

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Maxann said...

Whenever I go home to MD, my mom and I go to this little nook in the wall called "Lucky Corner" and it is a little at-home vietnamese restaurant. We have shared so many laughs, good stories, and made incredible memories over Pho-Ga. It must be the soup ;)

Miss seeing you Jen, hope to run into you soon! Have a great week!